eTeknix Best of Computex 2019 Awards!

Computex 2019 Awards

Another year and another Computex is now behind us. Sure, we’ve been back for about a week now, but we needed time to get back on track with daily life and work. Have we? Nah, but we’re getting there. Before we left for the show, we had some special awards made to take with us. While at the show, we wanted to award the ten products that stood out to us the most throughout the show. Fortunately, that wasn’t a hard decision to make, as it seemed everyone was bringing their A-game this year. However, we managed to narrow it down to ten in the end, and here they are!

InWin 925

InWin is no stranger to crazy PC cases, and admittedly we love the 928 PC case just as much. However, the 925 is a lot more realistic in terms of size and practicality. They’ve kept the same aesthetics, but it’s really one of the best looking full towers we’ve ever seen.

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Lian Li Lancool II

The privilege of the best PC case at the show has to go to the team at Lian Li though. This mid-tower features dual tempered glass, drop down lower panels, tool-free modular drives, addressable RGB lighting, filters, cable routing covers, a PSU shroud, and so much more. However, by pure witchcraft, it’ll only cost £89. How is that even possible!

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This one isn’t specifically just for one product, but the entire DeepCool AIO cooler range. Admittedly, we put the award on the flagship captain models. However, they’ve fitted their innovative new anti-leak pressure reduction technology to their entire range, from budget to the flagships, and we can’t help but be impressed by their efforts.

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Silverstone Alta S1

The Silverstone Alta S1 is a monster, and while it’s only a prototype, we love the direction that Silverstone are taking this chassis. It’s based upon the iconic Raven series, but features curved tempered glass, massive airflow, and could be one of the best enthusiast PC cases when it hits the market.

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MSI Godlike X570

We awarded two X570 motherboards at this year’s show. Firstly, the MSI X570 Godlike Gaming. This motherboard embodies the word extreme. Everything is armoured and meticulously engineered for flagship performance. With four full-size PCIe 4.0 lanes, class-leading M.2 RAID support, 10GbE networking and so much more.

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AORUS X570 Xtreme

The second motherboard comes from AORUS, for their exceptional innovation in their motherboards cooling design. You may know that X570’s chipset requires an always-on motherboard fan. However, the XTREME has a huge armoured design that extends to a full-size rear backplate, meaning this is the only passively cooled X570 chipset motherboard we’ve seen.

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Corsair HydroX

For their impressive first step into the world of custom loop hardware, we have Corsair. Their new HydroX series was developed in-house with their new team of engineers, some of whom came from the legendary EK. Their efforts are certainly impressive, and we can’t wait to see this range expanding in the coming year.

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Patriot Viper

X570 brings support for the new PCIe 4.0 standard, which opens up the possibility for a new generation of ultra-fast M.2 storage. The new Patriot drive features the latest Phison E16 controller, 2GB of DDR4 DRAM Cache, and can deliver read speeds of 4800 MB/s and 4000 MB/s write.

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EK Quantum Block

Finding the right CPU block to suit your high-end custom loop can be tricky. However, the innovative modular nature of the new Quantum series from EK really leaves you with almost unlimited customisation opens. Every bit of trim, every screw, the contact plate, the inlets/outlets, the edge trim, the lighting, the top panel, it can all be swapped and change to build a block that’s exactly what you want it to be.

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AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen

We watched Lisa Su take to the stage at Computex 2019 and dazzle us with the reveal of their upcoming Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs. While we are awarding them for their CPUs, it comes with some extra love. The launch of these CPUs opens up a wealth of X570 motherboards to the wider market, from many leading brands. With that comes the innovations of PCIe 4.0 too. Plus, it’s where the first started to show off their new GPUs, and so much more. For pushing the market to new heights, and giving us so much innovation in one show, we’re really awarding AMD as a whole.

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