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The eTeknix Christmas and New Year Message – 2020

Well, 2020 is (nearly) over and I think it would be fair to say that we’ve all been living in ‘interesting times’ this year. And for those of you unfamiliar with the connotations of that Chinese proverb, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been necessarily good! – Despite the difficulties surrounding the world in general at the moment though, we at eTeknix have been trying our best to keep things positive and finding fresh and new means of making our content better for our partners and supporters!

So in our annual Christmas and New Year message, let us give you a little update on how things have gone, and, of course, more than a few thank you’s to our amazing supporters!

2020 – An ‘Interesting’ Year

With the COVID-19 situation putting the entire world in practical lockdown, for us at eTeknix, this, fortunately, wasn’t an entirely terrible proposition as most of us work from our homes. It did, however, clearly throw up a few interesting problems for Andy as he opened and set up our first ‘away from home’ office. With this, we’re specifically looking to utilize it to help improve the production quality (and quantity) of our video uploads! – You may have noticed we’ve been a lot more proactive in video content since moving to this new location!

Speaking of such content, however, we’ve seen an amazing surge in popularity on our various social media portals and particularly YouTube where we cracked the 50k mark and are already well on the way to 60,000 subscribers. And for this, we genuinely want to say a big thank you to all who clicked like, subscribe, or follow this year. We sincerely hope we helped make 2020 a bit more entertaining for you!

One new thing that came to 2020 for us, however, was the launch of our Discord channel which, quite frankly, the response to which by our fans has vastly exceeded our expectations. – If you’re not yet a member, incidentally, you can check it out and join us via the link here! – Additionally, Andy has been amazingly active on our still relatively new Twitch channel and if you want to see what he’s up to on there, click on the link here!

We should also say a big thank you to all of our fans who decided to help us by signing up for our Patreon. As you might expect, manufacturers haven’t been too keen to splash out a lot of money on advertising this year, and, as such, for so many of our fans to want to help support us in improving the quantity and quality of our content, it is truly humbling!

Our Plans for 2021

Moving into 2021, we are more committed than ever to bringing you the latest hardware, tech, and gaming news. We’re already taking great strides in looking to update many of our review procedures to keep things fresh, glossy, but above all, as informative and impartial as ever! – Having listened to fan feedback, we’re looking to start building on our ‘guide’ section within our website as well as also, wherever possible, combining written reviews with video content.

So be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media portals for more on how we plan to make eTeknix even better for our fans!

Merry Christmas – And a Happy New Year!

More than anything, we wish to sincerely thank you (yes, you!) for checking in with us over 2020. We promise that we’ll be working even harder in 2021 to bring you all the news, reviews, and content that you want! It’s you the fans that make all this possible and, just in case you’d ever not known it, we’re deeply grateful to you for it!

So, in closing, Merry Christmas, and may we wish you a happy and far more comparatively prosperous 2021 from all of the team at eTeknix! – Thank you!

Mike Sanders

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