eTeknix Christmas Game Buying Guide 2011

/ 6 years ago

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It’s that special time of year again where buying the right gift for a loved one can be the most important decision of the holiday season, but have no fear, as our eTeknix Christmas Game Buying Guide 2011 is here to assist you in your purchasing decisions.

Whether someone in your family is a hardcore gamer, or a casual one, getting them a game for Christmas is a great idea for a present, but the problem you may have is that unless they’ve been moaning at you all month about what one they want, sometimes the subtle hints can’t be picked up and you might not have any idea at all, and that can always end in disaster, thus ruining the Christmas holidays for all involved, and making Christmas dinner incredibly uncomfortable for the whole family.

That’s where this guide should hopefully come in handy, as we’re going to look at the biggest games out this year from all of the major genres, including FPS, RPG, MMO, RTS and more, helping you to pick the right one for that special someone during this magical time of year, at least we hope.

With us looking at the major best selling and most anticipated top titles from Battlefield 3 to Minecraft, Shogun 2 to The Old Republic, we’re sure you can find something suited for them here, and if not, you can always buy them smellies or of course novelty socks.

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