eTeknix Christmas Hardware Buying Guide

/ 6 years ago

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Christmas is just around the corner and for those who still have their Christmas shopping to do we have lots of helpful advice for you before you decide to start buying.  We know value is at the heart of most buying decisions so we have structured our buying guide  into helpful price points between £50 and £150 for each of the component areas we have taken a look at which are processors, graphics cards, motherboards and storage drives.

The £50 price point is the entry level, for those looking for value for money and functionality without spending too much. The step up to the £100 marks a transition from entry to mid range and enthusiast giving significant performance increases, particularly in graphics. While the £150 price point is the point we consider the ‘maximum’ of what a money conscious buyer would go to when it comes to buying components.

With regards to building a completed system we advise that you take components from similar price points when you pair things together in order to avoid getting performance bottlenecks. We hope our processor, graphics card, motherboard and storage drive recommendations come in useful and give you some helpful food for thought this Christmas’ shopping period.

Amidst a hard drive crisis we also take a look through the best hard drives to buy as well as the best solid state drives: can you still pick up a decent amount of storage for a good price?

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