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Here we are with even more coverage of the weekends progress here at Insomnia i48, we kick off todays events by taking a closer look at the well known UK retailer Overclockers UK and seeing what they have on show this weekend.


Overclockers UK have had a lot of success with their system builds and here we see one of the few Bitfenix Titan Prodigy Trinity systems which they sell, it certainly stands out in that funky red chassis.


The system is no slouch either and its easy to see from the specifications above why they have a few of these on their booth, running games and using them for some of their gaming competitions over the course of the weekend.


For a little retro charm, OCUK have worked with Bespoke Arcades to bring a very entertaining PacMan machine, best of all, its free to play.


Being a retailer they obviously have a big push on the products they sell, not only are they running some epic discounts for people at the event but they’re even delivering the orders to peoples desks, perfect for those that don’t want to stop gaming here at i48. They’re also offering free repairs, advice and fitting on many components and system issues, something that is proving very popular with the gamers here at the show.

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Those with a bigger budget can invest in their stunning Titan Prodigy Polar system, its not cheap but it backs a mighty gaming punch regardless of its m-itx credentials.


Going even further we see their truly epic Ultima Hyperion system,it doesn’t have a price on it and that in its self should be an indication of its value, if you have a few thousand pound spare I’m sure they’ll be happy to hook you up with one, but for now, we just accept that it looks stunning.


One of my personal favorites comes from “8 Pack”, a well known system builder and Overclocker who recently joined the OCUK team. Here we see one of his custom builds in a sexy Parvum chassis, custom water cooled and more radiators that my house.


The OCUK booth is one of the busiest here at the show, given they’re offering retail goods at bargain prices, free repairs, competitions, games to play on their booth, epic prizes to be won and of course a seemingly endless supply of harribo sweet and cans of OCUK branded energy drinks that are free for all to take away.

Did you check out the i48 booth here at the show, let us know what you though in the comments section below.

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