eTeknix: On the go – Part 1

/ 5 years ago

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Here at eTeknix, we are constantly on the go, whether we’re attending a PR event for a new product, or attending a LAN gaming event. We are forever having to lug our equipment around with us, from iPads to laptops, and even our MP3 players for when we want to listen to tunes whilst in the car or on a plane.

Today we will be writing some mini reviews for several products that would be great for travelling, whether they are just to protect our gear, aid in transporting it, or improving the products further still. For this article we have had the pleasure of being sent several items from numerous brands. The products that we have in store for our readers today are the:

  • Pong iPhone 4/4S case
  • Overboard Waterproof iPad case
  • be.ez LE reporter Air 13 Kingfisher
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As you can tell from the list of products we have in, most are orientated towards Apple products (as we do like our iPhones and iPads here at eTeknix), however the latter product can all be used with non-Apple products as you’ll see later. Whilst we know the majority of our readers enjoy the more PC hardware reviews, we thought we’d give you a slight insight into our jobs as tech journalists and increase our portfolio of product reviews to include the ever popular mobile market.

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One Response to “eTeknix: On the go – Part 1”
  1. Wayne says:

    Strange. I’ve never encountered a single Apple product that can do what a competitors can’t.

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