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Upcoming Game Releases For August 2018

Upcoming Game Releases For August 2018

Another month is upon us and yet again we have a whole new bunch of games to look forward to. If your bank balance is already struggling you might want to look away now!

If you’re a bit flush though or don’t require both of your kidneys, check out our picks for the upcoming game releases for August 2018!

Monster Hunter World – PC – August 9th

While this game has already been released on consoles, the PC version is on the way! Reports suggest that this might be a bit of a beast to run at the higher resolutions, for fans of the series though, this release represents what will technically be the first full-blown (and hopefully optimised) PC release in the series.

We Happy Few – PC, Xbox One, PS4 – August 10th

While this game has been available for a little while now in early access (and by a little while, we mean around a year or so) the full release is finally upon us. Although this might have had a bit of difficulty getting past the censors in Australia due to the drug references, this is finally landing in a full and formal release!

World Of Warcraft: The Battle For Azeroth – PC, MAC – August 14th

A fresh World of Warcraft expansion is on the way. Despite many people having fled this game, an expansion is always a good reason to return. Whether this one will be good enough to get them player figures back up remains to be seen though.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 – PC, Xbox One, PS4 – August 14th

Many feel that The Walking Dead series has been Telltale Games masterpiece. With the final season upon though, it seems that we’re going to finally find out who it will all end for Clementine. Remember that this is only the first episode with the series expected to conclude around the end of the year.

Shenmue 1 & 2: Remastered – PC, Xbox One, PS4 – August 21st

While we’re having to wait a little while for the fan-funded 3rd instalment, Sega is giving you the chance to play what is possible (aside from Sonic and a few others) one of their most popular gaming franchises.

Two-Point Hospital – PC – August 30th

Ok, so this is probably top of my list. After over 20 years of waiting, we are finally getting our (spiritual) sequel to Theme Hospital. With Two-Point being developed by many of the original Bullfrog staff, is this isn’t a classic on release, I think I’ll possibly cry.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of our game release shortlist? Any games not on our list that you’re looking forward to? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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