eTeknix setting up at insomnia i45

/ 5 years ago


eTeknix has arrived at Insomnia i45 gaming festival, we’re currently setting up shop ready for the start of main events tomorrow morning, we’re here along side Antec, Team Dignitas and Kustom PC and not forgetting Team Infused, gaming team veterans here at iSeries, sponsored by eTeknix.

Several hundred eager competetive gamers have already arrived today, while the event does not officially start until tomorrow, with most booths still being constructed, there is still a bar, power and a superb internet connection, we recorded a ping of 0ms, 30mb down, 80mb up!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest as and when it happens and i’ll have pictures and specs of the rigs we brought to the show soon.

We have just set up a live video feed of our booth, which you can view on twitch using the link below.

View the eTeknix booth live feed here 

Watch live video from eteknix on

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