EU Cops Could Be Able To Disable Any Car Engine Remotely In The Near Future

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While technology advances, so is the method of catching people who would rather consider the law as optional. The European Union is reportedly working on a way to allow police officers remotely disable car engines from a central control facility. The Telegraph reports that the futuristic tech is already available and is even embedded in the navigation system on select vehicles.

However, reports state that the EU wants to make the law mandatory and force manufacturers to include the engine disabling mechanism inside each and every car bought. The idea is to quickly and safely disable cars from running at extremely high speeds, which could endanger innocent bystanders and civilians walking down the street before police officers could do anything to stop them. It could also end the use of spikes, speed cameras, etc.

Quick negative reactions arose, as expected, one even from a member of the British parliament, pointing out to the tragedies of considering somebody triggering the mechanism accidentally and stopping a car, for example, on the highway, hence increasing accident risk. Other misfortunes that might happen with the new technology would be the ability for a person to stop each and every vehicle at once (imagine the chaos then on an EU scale).

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There hasn’t been any documentation filed for police use and even development yet, but the technology is currently available in cars today. If, by change, the law will ever be considered and adopted, law enforcement departments can easily create their own systems or even consider licensing the already available software directly from the manufacturers. And this has been reported to be achievable in about six years.

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