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EU Proposal Wants Removable Smartphone Batteries Back

There was a time where practically every smart device had a detachable battery. This was, admittedly, before the time they were even known as ‘smart devices’, but over the last 15 years, we’ve definitely seen a trend towards all major manufacturers making the batteries an integrated part of the design. In other words, replacing it is tricky at best and usually a costly process via the manufacturer.

In a report via TechSpot, however, new draft proposals by the EU may be looking to take us back to those days.

EU Draft Proposal Wants to Bring Back Removable Batteries

Replacing batteries in modern smartphones is a very difficult process. In fact, it’s difficulty in the vast majority of any smart device. Laptops, notebooks, tablets etc.

It is so difficult, in fact, that more often than not you require someone very experienced in the process to do it. Usually, the original manufacturer who, as anyone with experience with Apple will know, doesn’t come cheap! The alternative is that you just bin the existing product and grudgingly upgrade!

So, you might be thinking that this proposal is designed to curb those costs to protect consumers? Well, yes and no. The truth is that while this is a happy bonus, the real reason more boils down to environmental issues.

Saving the Planet

Getting down to the basics of this proposal, what this really wants is for smartphones to be more practical over longer periods of time. Let’s be honest, one of the main factors that often drives people to upgrade their smart devices is the failing battery lifespan. Something even I have had to consider now as my iPhone 6 can barely handle 3-4 hours of YouTube these days.

If my smartphone had a removable battery, I’d have replaced it months ago and would’ve happily carried on using it for several more years. As such, the proposals do make some sense. Call me crazy though, but I can’t see the manufacturers being too happy to oblige this one!

‘Something that might stop people buying the latest smart devices?! – Don’t be ridiculous!’

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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