EU Wants to Break Up Google

/ 3 years ago

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The European Union’s European Parliament is calling for Google to be broken up into separate businesses in an effort to curb the company’s internet monopoly. It is putting pressure on the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, to either engage in a thorough anti-trust investigation of the company, or introduce new laws to reduce its power.

The Financial Times has reportedly got its hands on a draft motion indicating its concern over Google, asserting that the “unbundling [of] search engines from other commercial services” could be one solution to dilute Google’s market dominance. The move is supported by both the European People’s Party and the Socialist Party, the two main political sides within the European Parliament.

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Source: Business Insider

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One Response to “EU Wants to Break Up Google”
  1. Porkalicious says:

    its not like they are producing weapons or something… the other way around actually, that kind of power is sorta good.

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