Eurocom is now offering GPU upgrade options for Clevo EM Series

/ 3 years ago

Eurocom Laptop

It is great to see companies supporting phased out models and Eurocom is one of them with their Eurocom Upgrade Your Laptop division. They offer upgrade solutions for phased out laptop models to allow consumers and companies alike to extend the life span of their systems while benefiting from enhanced performance and usage of new software that requires new graphics cards and features. An awesome thing as laptops in themselves are a huge waste when just dumped.

“The Eurocom Upgrade Your Laptop Division has recently completed testing and is happy to start upgrading Clevo 15.6-inch P150EM and 17.3-inch P170EM series laptops.” Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

Eurocom and several other laptop developers integrate MXM 3.0b technology into their high-performance notebooks and gaming laptops because it allows those systems to support the most powerful graphics technology on the market while allowing for possible upgrade options. complete range of VGA solutions with different TDP ranging from 65W-100 W

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And now the Clevo EM series can be upgraded too with the complete range of VGA solutions with different TDP ranging from 65W-100 W and with various performance levels. Avaiable cards can be browser and ordered at Eurocom’s VGA site.

Thanks to Eurocom for providing us with this information

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