European Union Wants All Phone Chargers to be Standardised

With many smartphones and tablets transitioning over to USB-C, we’re at a point now where, largely, one cable can fit the vast majority of your devices. There is, however, one pretty notable exception to that rule. Namely, Apple’s Lightning adaptor.

Even I’ll admit, it is somewhat frustrating as an iPhone owner. I have one cable that fits around 5 different devices from various manufacturers, and then I have one very specific cable type for my iPhone.

In a report via TechSpot, however, it seems that the European Parliament may be looking to propose new legislation that will require Apple (and all other manufacturers’) smartphone products sold within the Union to conform to one standard charging method.

European Union Propose ‘Standardising’ Phone Chargers

With old chargers reportedly contributing around 51,000 metric tons of electronic waste per year, it is clearly something of an environmental issue.

For me, however, the issue more boils down to basic practicality. There is no legitimate reason why any company couldn’t transition their products over to USB-C. Let’s be frank here, Apple is only different because it’s another means of generating revenue.

The way things are going, however, Apple may not have a problem with this if it ever did come into effect. Why? Well, both time and technology are definitely on their side!

Wireless Charging!

Apple has shown more than a little interest in recent years in switching their charging method from cable to wireless. Admittedly, this technology isn’t perfect yet. In fact, I believe that while some of their products do support it, they also still have the ‘traditional’ methods as well. In other words, there isn’t a ‘wireless only’ charging iPhone yet.

If there was going to be a ‘workaround’ to this legislation, however, then this would be it.

Given that we’re only, even at this point, in the ‘talking’ phase of this legislation though, don’t expect to see this come into effect any time soon. If, indeed, ever at all!

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Mike Sanders

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