Eurovision’s Epic Sax Guy Now Playable in Dark Souls

/ 8 months ago

Eurovision's Epic Sax Guy Now Playable in Dark Souls

Epic Sax Guy

PC gaming is awesome, offering amazing graphics and games to many. However, it has one weapon that sets it apart from (most) console game releases. Of course, I’m talking about modding. The PC game modding community is a creative and often whacky bunch. The latest mod for Dark Souls is about as whacky as they come.

Epic Sax Guy?

Remember the Eurovision Song Content entry from Sergey Stepanov? How about his better-known name of Epic Sax Guy? When he took the stage way back in 2010, he showed the best and worst the show has to offer in one performance. So what better place for him to appear than in a crazy mod for Dark Souls. Why use swords when you can use SAX!


The new mod releases the main hero in the game. Of course, it’s the animation and the crappy sound effects that absolutely nail the experience. Check out the video from the mods creator below. Brace yourself, it’s as silly as these things can get.

How Can I Get It?

If you want to download and play the mod, you will need the original Dark Souls, obviously. Simply head on over to NexusMods and download Sax Souls, install it using the mod manager or manually. Fire up the game, and go tooting your horn at the games terrifying foes.

This mod Contains:

  • Sax, Guitar, Keytar, hud, items, armor
  • 3D model + Textures


I got nothing, it exists, and that’s what matters.

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