Evan Blass, Better known as @Evleaks Announces His “Retirement”

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Yesterday Evan Blass, better known as @Evleaks on twitter, announced his retirement.

Evan started his career with Engadget and then moved to Pocket now before leaving his job to become @evleaks. The twitter account regularly breaks news of upcoming phones and announcements and have appeared on almost every tech blog on the internet. Although he hasn’t got everything right, Evans high rate of success when leaking news about smartphones have made him one of the internets most trusted source. Many manufactures products have been leaked by Evan including Samsung, HTC, LG and Microsoft, they are surely breathing a sigh of relief.

Evan has said that his reasons for retirement are somewhat complicated, but essentially that they boil down to money. He has tried to monetize his twitter stream, tried sponsorships and also tried donations, but none covered his costs. He also started a website with some ads but as his audience are usually tech savvy most were using ad-blockers which cut his revenue. Although everyone needs to make money, Even has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and wit his progressively worsening disease he is looking for a more financially stable future.

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Although Evan is retiring, he has mentioned that other leakers such as TK O’Connor should be able to take up the slack and hopefully give us those all important first looks as to what the tech giants are going to be releasing.

Thanks to TNW for supplying us with this information.

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