Even more details for the HD 7000 series

/ 6 years ago

After more than a couple of details were revealed/leaked including the high-end HD 7990 specs and price, as well as the HD 7770 and HD 7750, and some unconvincing leaks for the HD 7950, even more informations have come out.

First off is news about Tahiti which in addition to the HD 7900 series, could also appear in a LE version, branded HD 7890. It would pack 1.5GB of memory, 1536 stream processors, 96 texture units, 32 ROPs and a 216GB/s memory bus. Price-wise, the SRP is $399, $150 less than the XT version of Tahiti, this one should also show up in March.

Same goes for Pitcairn, as it turns out, a LE version will also make its way with the HD 7790 brand. Packing 1GB of memory, 1152 stream processors, 72 texture units and 24 ROPs, it will feature a memory bandwidth of 144GB/s and be priced at $199.

As mentioned in previous reports, Pitcairn PRO will also find its way in March, but the card could feature either 1GB or 2GB of memory for the respective price of $219 and $249.

While it doesn’t close the case, we have a nice premier look at what to expect, even though these specs may not be definitive, it certainly gives a nice preview.

AMD has had a lot of news coverage regarding its 28nm lineup, Nvidia on the other hand has rarely been heard recently. AMD is certainly talking business, it may be time for Nvidia to try and catch up…unless everything has been planned out long before.

For more information, here is a table laying out all the informations.

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  1. NoobNeb says:

    7850 y u no cheaper :/

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