Even The Pope Has a Drone!

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We’ve seen many weird and wonderful things getting gifted to Pope Francis, such as the Fiat car and even a pizza, but the latest one is quite interesting. Pope Francis has long been a supporter of modern technology, something we’ve seen through his use of Twitter, iPads and such, even more so recently when he auctioned off his iPad, naturally given the proceeds to the poor, but also because he was upgrading to a newer model.

Now a group of students from a Jesuit school in Rome have presented Pope Francis with his own quadcopter, painted specially with the colours of the Vatican flag. This may seem like a strange gesture, but it’s a very clever one indeed, as the students felt it was good to show the Pope the benefits of such technology.

The students wanted to show “the values of [drone] technology in the service of man.” and how “drones have proved useful to check the condition of structures [such as in Nepal] and study paths from bringing relief to people who need this in remote villages.”

It’s true that drones are a cool gadget to play around with, but they’ve been vital in relief and rescue efforts around the world, helping to save lives and a whole lot more. However, it’s unlikely the Pope will be taking the drone out for a spin any time soon, but we suspect he’ll auction it off to raise money for those who need it.

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