Ever Wondered What the Last of Us Would Look like on PS1?

/ 4 years ago


A fan of PlayStation 3 and soon to be PlayStation 4 smash-hit The Last of Us, has recreated a shot of the game to make it looks like it was created for the PlayStation 1. A significantly less powerful machine that the PlayStation 3 (and yes we know, a whole lot less powerful than a gaming PC).

It’s a great homage to the original PlayStation, which suffered from smeared textures and wobbly geometry at the best of times, but still had some great looking games to its name. The image is still clearly recognisable as The Last of Us, at least to those who are familiar with the game, but to me it also seems like a fair homage to survival horror titles of the time such as the original (and best) Resident Evil series.


It may look a little rough compared to its higher resolution modern counterparts, but I would still love to play this game. With HD remakes being a popular topic for many developers these days, why aren’t we seeing more demastered games, sure it sounds stupid, but I’m certainly people would pay a few quid just for the amusement factor.

Thank you Playstationing for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Playstationing.

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2 Responses to “Ever Wondered What the Last of Us Would Look like on PS1?”
  1. John Dough says:

    I don’t know what PS1 you played, but this looks several times better than what the Playstation was capable of. This looks closer to Code Veronica on PS2/Dreamcast.

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