Evercool introduce the YOHO Laptop table/cooler combo

/ 6 years ago

International Taiwanese-based firm Evercool have today announced a new product called the “YOHO laptop table”. Evercool make CPU coolers, cooling fans and other products of that nature so this is something they should be good at. The product is designed to have dual functionality as a table/stand for your laptop but also offer your laptop some cooling performance. We think the design is much more appealing than their previous attempt at this, the “Evercool White Knight” which looked rather cheap to say the least.

Evercool are going to provide two models (NT-111 and NT-112) with the only difference being that the latter has no 80mm cooling fan on it but should still provide passive cooling through the aluminium design and ventilation holes. The table has an adjustable angle and height, it also features a USB cable management system on the underside of the table. Evercool have stated that the price is “reasonable” but they did not give out any specifics.

Evercool have provided a brief product overview video which you can see below:


Source: PR

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