Evercool launch Silent Shark dual tower CPU cooler

/ 5 years ago

Evercool are veterans in the CPU cooling game, having been around since 1992. Being a primarily East Asian company they have often sold through OEM and distribution channels instead of selling directly to the retail market in Europe and North America.

However with some of Evercool’s newest products they are going straight into to the European and North American retail markets which makes for exciting prospects for consumers because Evercool will bring better value for money. Evercool’s latest creation is the Silent Shark CPU Cooler (HPO 12025). This CPU cooler wields two heatsink towers, six heatpipes and dual 120mm fans.

The end result is a CPU cooler Evercool claim to be capable of tackling 250W of TDP on any Intel/ AMD socket since AM2 and LGA 775. The new Evercool Silent Shark will hit the retail shelves by the end of this month and the pricing is currently unannounced.

You can read the full press release here:

Taipei, Taiwan, November 1 2012:  EVERCOOL introduces a Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025), a new twin tower thermal radiator design uses latest exclusive Silent Shark Fan with six 6mm-heat pipes. With demands for cooling efficiency, EVERCOOL brand new Silent Shark CPU cooler creates the ultimate cooling performance, combination of innovative technology shark fins design, specifications have better heat-distribution and outstanding silent sense. The twin tower like a giant provides adequate cooling

Evercool SSF-12/Silent Fan setup

In order to achieve a perfect balance of performance and quietness, Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025) supports a premium quality dual fan setup consisting of one the latest EVERCOOL SSF-12 (120mm) and one Silent Fan. With sawtooth-shaped vanes SSF-12 creates high air pressure to achieve great cooling performance. Shark gills-shaped wind guides generate outstanding vortex airflow, and reduce the internal air pressure to reduce the noise. The special fan design provides optimized airflow to enhance heat dissipation effect. Combining a massive six heatpipe dual radiator design with an exquisite SSF-12/ Silent Fan dual fan configuration, Silent Shark CPU cooler is an elite choice for the high demands in ultra quality quiet cooling.

Twin Tower Design

The Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025) six 6Φ heatpipe dual radiator design was designed to provide culminating quite cooling performance.  Twin tower designed enhances the speed of heat dissipation. Collaborates with the special shape fin and two sets of V shape aluminum fin that can rapidly take the heat away. The design of the six heat pipes giant provides adequate cooling which enhance heat dissipation effect up to 250W.

Significantly on a covered design

By changing cover installation position, HPO-12025 enhances the motherboard component cooling performance. Choose the airflow direction by rotating cover. Additionally Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO-12025), which two functions for silent / overclocking speed control make it convenient and affordable for users flexible using. Whole new clip combination generates great installation stability.

Enthusiasts with EVERCOOL Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025) can achieve maximum cooling while maintaining quiet performance.

For more details, please visit the website for Silent Shark CPU cooler:


Source: Press Release

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