EVGA and K|NGP|N Set Four New 3D Mark World Records

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Since the release of Nvidia’s new GTX Titan graphics card we have seen “back-and-forth” battling between the big graphics card vendors to try and claim as many world records as possible. Just 3 days ago we brought you the news that ASUS had broken some 3DMark world records with their GTX Titan. In fact, EVGA’s latest record breaking achievement means they have actually broken one of those records set by ASUS last week. EVGA’s score of 22,054 in 3DMark FireStrike with SLI GTX Titans is higher than ASUS’ score of 21,818 which was posted 3 days ago.

  • #1 3DMark Fire Strike (SLI) = 22,054
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In addition to that EVGA also bagged top spot for three other records which you can see below:

  • #1 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme (SLI) = 11,559
  • #1 3DMark Fire Strike (Single Card) = 14,600
  • #1 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme (Single Card) = 7,308

EVGA achieved these records using the upcoming EVGA X79 Dark motherboard, an Intel i7 3960X at 5.5GHz and 16GB of RAM at 2400MHz. Two EVGA Nvidia GTX Titans were used in SLI for the first two records, while the second two records used only a single card.

The full details can be seen at the 3D Mark Hall of Fame.

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