EVGA EPowerV Overclocking VRM Now Available

/ 5 months ago

EVGA EPowerV Overclocking VRM Now Available

The fifth generation of the EVGA EPOWER board VRM is now available. This little modular add onlets overclockers provide clean additional power for both motherboards and video cards. With its 12+2 phase extreme power design for VCORE and VMEM. Components will not starve and can be pushed much further than what is available by default.  Powering the board are three standard 6-pin PCI-E power connectors.

Integrated EVGA EVBOT and Other Features

In addition to simply providing power, the EVGA EPOWER V has onboard buttons and has adjustable voltage control. Users can adjust the VMEM from a range of 600 to 2300 mV. With a rated capacity of 80A and maximum peak capacity of 90A at 1.9V output voltage. The Vcore allows for the same 600mV minimum although it maxes out at 2000mV. The capacity rating is 600A with a maximum peak capacity of 620A at 1.85V output voltage.  There are on-board LED display to indicate these settings of course.

Users can even use the USB 3.1 Type-C port to connect the EPOWER V board to a PC. This allows for software control for fine tuning on the desktop.

For more old-scho0l users, there are droop, force and offset voltage switches available on-board as well. ProbeIt connectors are also present to painlessly hook up multimeters for accurate readings.

Last but not the least, there are two 4-pin PWM fan headers on-board as well to quickly attach active cooling solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Users can now purchase the EVGA EPOWER V VRM via the EVGA store for $249.99 USD.



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