EVGA GeForce GTX 285 2GB FTW Edition

/ 9 years ago

EVGA have been tinkering away at NVIDIA’s GTX 285 and have now come out with the end result.

EVGA have managed to increase the GPU clock speed to 702MHz from the original 648MHz stock clock speed.

The card’s shaders have also been given a boost from a stock speed of 1476MHz to a mighty 1584MHz.

Sadly, they never thought of improving on the memory’s 2484MHz clock speed.

EVGA’s specs include:

  • 240 processing cores
  • 512-bit memory interface
  • Two DVI outputs
  • Two six pin PCI-E external power connectors
  • Nvidia 3-way SLI support
  • 2GB of memory

EVGA promises that it’s card will be on the market soon, but no specific date is mentioned as of yetRRP just under £300.

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