EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming Graphics Card Review

/ 3 months ago

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A Closer Look

EVGA have created this to be one of the flagship graphics cards on the market today, and you’ll pay up for that privilege too. With premium prices, you expect premium quality, so you’ll be happy to see that the second you take this card out of the box. The cooling shroud is one of the best looking on the market and comes with a case metal design. It’s almost like it has its own adamantium skeleton.

It uses a wide body design, allowing for a huge surface area from its two-part heatsink, and five thick heat pipe design. This also means they can keep the card as a true dual-slot, where many 1080 Ti’s on the market are a little bit thicker.


Completing that durable cooling package, you’ll find a thick backplate with plenty of ventilation. This not only helps move extra heat from the GPU, but also helps prevent it from drooping once installed.

This is a monster of a GPU in terms of features and performance, and it has a power draw to match. It’ll take two 8-pin PSU connectors to keep this thing firing on all cylinders.

Tucked into the back of the heatsink, this gorgeous LED EVGA logo, which will match up with the LED lit logo on the left side of the card. If you look on the side, you’ll see G, P, and M. These are load indicators that show the strain and temperatures on various parts of the GPU at a glance.

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That huge heatsink is assisted by three massive fans on the top of the GPU. What’s really cool is how the card has more sensors than any EVGA card in the past. If the card is cool, all fans will stop and be completely silent. However, rather than fire up all three when the card gets warm, it fires up only the fan it needs to cool the GPU, the memory, the power delivery hardware, and so on. It’s a clever system and one that should mean a cooler and quieter GPU.


Finally, you’ll find plenty of heat exhaust around the back, and another indicator of just how freaking wide the GPU is! There are three DisplayPort, one HDMI 2.0, and a DVI connector here, so multi-displays are not going to be an issue.

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