EVGA intros an optional backplate for its GTX 560Ti

/ 7 years ago

For those of you with a GTX 560Ti there is some good news for you. EVGA has released a $20 backplate for Nvidia’s GTX 560Ti card, this is part of EVGA’s accessory range. The backplate is for Nvidia reference designed cards, so any non reference PCBs this will not fit on, but most companies have been using reference designs like Zotac. The materials used to construct the backplate are brushed metal so this should help with three purposes:

  1. Provide rigidity to the card PCB, particularly when installing heavy custom air coolers such as the Arctic Accelero Extreme.
  2. Help with heat dissipation by transferring heat away from the PCB into the case, particularly useful for aiding with the cooling of VRAM chips.
  3. Aesthetically improving the look inside your case by covering up the PCB which very often doesn’t look very nice and replacing it with a sleek brushed metal finish.

The backplate is available now at EVGA’s online store.

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One Response to “EVGA intros an optional backplate for its GTX 560Ti”
  1. ryandigweed says:

    wow, good accessory 🙂 Makes your card look awesome .. 😀

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