EVGA launches the Pwnage 2 mousepad

/ 5 years ago

EVGA made an addition to its small lineup of gaming-grade Pwnage family of mousepads, with the Pwnage 2 (part number: E00B-00-000032). With very few differences from the original Pwnage mousepad (E00B-00-000007), it launched with two other designs in June 2011, the Pwnage 2 features a different surface graphic. Designed for laser and optical mice, the Pwnage 2 has a low-friction surface for smooth glides, although EVGA didn’t specify if it’s specialized for speed or control. The  base is made of non-slip rubber. The surface measures 13.75″ x 10.25″ (34.92 x 26 cm). Expected pricing is $14.99 making it priced the same as the original Pwnage

Source: TechPowerUp

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