EVGA preparing a mini-ITX Z77 motherboard

/ 6 years ago

EVGA has been teasing fans on Facebook with some sneak pictures of the upcoming mini ITX Z77 motherboard. Back in May EVGA’s Product Manager Jacob Freeman announced that EVGA were working on a mini-ITX Z77 motherboard, in response to a consumer query about whether EVGA intended to launch a micro ATX Z77 motherboard.

Now it would appear that particularly motherboard is nearly ready for its launch.

The photos reveal a lot. The CPU socket will support both Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors powered by an 8 pin EPS. There is room on the board for two full sized DDR3 DIMM slots, alongside four SATA ports (50/50 SATA II/III split). USB 3.0 is provided with one internal header intended for a front panel connector. A debug LED display is provided next to the DIMM slots. There is also a single PCIe generation 3 16X slot so you can comfortably support the GTX 690 from Nvidia or the HD 7990 (when it’s released) from AMD without any bandwidth issues.

The board will probably be available for release next month and at an yet-to-be-announced price. It will be named the EVGA Z77 ITX and it is also capable of taking on LN2 cooling based on the latest pictures.



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