EVGA Release Precision X 3.0.4 Overclocking Software

/ 5 years ago

EVGA’s Precision X tool has been branded as the software of choice for the latest Nvidia Kepler, even if you don’t have an EVGA manufactured card.

The software includes such features as GPU voltage adjustment, fan curve, profiling and frame rate targets so whatever your need, you should find that Precision X will have something for you, whether you’re a novice or more advanced overclocker. It even allows you to monitor your activity while you’re in-game allowing for real-time overclocking across multiple screens.

Now, EVGA have released their latest version; 3.0.4 which brings to it a few new features through an updated adjust voltage section:

Version 3.0.4

Release: 10/17/12

  • Updated “Adjust Voltage” section – Includes new feature:
    • EVGA K-Boost – This feature will allow you to “lock” GTX 600 series cards to Boost Clock/Voltage, even in 2D mode. Some important notes about this new feature:
      • If using SLI, please disable SLI prior to enabling this feature, you can re-enable SLI once system is rebooted.
      • Please disable EVGA K-Boost before reinstalling, or uninstalling the NVIDIA driver.

If you’ve never used this software, we invite you to do so as it offers a plentiful amount of features for every type of user from all walks of life.

You can find out more information in the following video:


 You can find out even more information and how to download this software on the EVGA website here.

You can download the application from us here.

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