EVGA releases 2.5GB GTX 570

/ 7 years ago

EVGA have released a brand new variant of the GTX 570 video card. The card will based on a non-reference cooling design and instead of having the standard amount of VRAM which is 1.25GB the card has twice as much , 2.5GB. The justification for which is the fact the card needs more VRAM to support multi-display technology and stereoscopic 3D filtering. It is expected that the higher amounts of VRAM should eliminated flickering when the card is under a 3D game load.

The 2.5GB is on a 320bit memory interface and the clock speed of the memory is 3.8GHz effective providing about 152GB/s in memory bandwidth. The card has 480 CUDA cores clocked at 1464MHz and a core clock of 732MHz. The card uses a different PCB to the reference Nvidia PCB, it uses the GF110PCB which is a fair bit shorter. The cooling system on the EVGA GTX 570 resembles the cooling system on the reference GTX 560Ti except is has been designed to run cooler.

Display outputs include two Dual link DVI ports, a HDMI 1.4a port and Display port. The card is expected to retail at $400.

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