EVGA sends the GT 545 to the shelves

/ 7 years ago

EVGA has been the first video card manufacturer to start selling the fermi-based Nvidia GT 545. The card is an OEM unit and the first OEM card of the GF116 40nm architecture (GTX 550Ti, 540 and 530 all based on the same chip).

The card has 144 CUDA cores available to it which is a substantial number less than the GTX 460 which has 336 cores for the same price of $150. The card operates on a 192bit memory interface running at GDDR3 speeds.

Clock speeds are:

  • 720MHz Core
  • 1440MHz CUDA
  • 1800MHz Memory

The cards comes equipped with a generous frame buffer of 1.5GB which is a lot of memory for a low end card which means that this card is generally aimed at the video and photo editing market. Although it does have DX11 support too so will be capable of running the newest games but not at maximum settings or details.

EVGA have pretty much stuck to the Nvidia reference design of a single slot card, with a high but short PCB which doesn’t leave it in very good standing for the HTPC market. Display outputs are HDMI 1.4a , DVI and VGA. The card supports 2-way SLI and if bought this month it gives a 10year warranty.

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