EVGA SR3 motherboard imminent

/ 6 years ago

EVGA’s SR2 motherboard was a beast for the LGA 1366 platform but now that X58 is on its way out Intel’s new performance platform “LGA 2011” needs a replacement high end motherboard. The SR3 will deliver those consumers who are looking for extreme performance exactly what they are looking for. A dual CPU socket motherboard supporting 4 way SLI is sure to break records. Here is a quick overview of some of the other features of this upcoming board:

  • X79 Patsburg T chipset;
  • Dual LGA 2011 sockets;
  • Seven PCI-E 3.0 lanes ( Four 16X 3.0 capable and three 8X 3.0 capable);
  • NVIDIA 4 Way SLI;
  • Dual Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon processor support ( Dual Sandy Bridge-E i7 compatibility to be announced since only Xeon’s are normally equipped with the QPI lanes required to run multiple CPU set ups);
  • 6+1 Phase VRM per CPU socket;
  • 12 RAM slots (8 for socket 1 and 4 for socket 2 both quad channel);
  • Dual EPS 8 Pin power connectors;
  • 14 SATA ports (unknown SATA II and III balance just yet);
  • 8+2 channel HD audio;
  • two gigabit Ethernet connections;
  • USB 3.0;
  • Bluetooth;
  • EVBot support (the gadget could even come bundled);
  • Individual PCI-E lane toggling (via DIP switches);
  • Voltage read points.
We cannot speculate pricing as it is simply too early but with the type of enthusiast that buys this product the price shouldn’t be an issue. These boards should be available within a month of the X79 launch but the availability is unknown although we expect it to be limited.
Source: EVGA


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