EVGA SuperNova 850 G5 Power Supply Review


As this is a gold-rated efficiency power supply, it is required to meet a high standard of power efficiency. This, in basic terms, means the power that goes in versus the power that comes out.

In this regard, the EVGA SuperNova is a very solid gold-rated power supply, albeit it does ride a little close to what that requirement is. Sometimes we may see a power supply perform well beyond that remit and in this instance, gold is very-much the level here. Not that this is, in any way, a criticism. It’s doing exactly what it says it can!

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

While the PFC ratings start out a little low at 20% power, as soon as you start asking more of it, those figures improve massively and at 100% load scores around 0.97 which is a very high rating indeed.

Voltage Regulation

The voltage regulation for the EVGA SuperNova G5 is both amazingly solid and consistent. As you can see in the results below the level of deviancy is amazingly low while the results themselves are highly consistent.

Even the -12v rail, which is sometimes prone to being a little wayward, is absolutely solid here and, on the whole, whatever the power output is, this clearly has no problem in keeping the voltages tight!

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Mike Sanders

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