EVGA SuperNova 850 G5 Power Supply Review

How Much Does It Cost?

Although there doesn’t appear to be many retailers stocking these power supply just yet (they have only recently been released) EVGA advertises this particular 850w model for around $149.99 the US and in the UK it’s around £110.

Based on comparative competitor alternatives, of which there are few that perform this well, the price is pretty decent. Remember also that EVGA backs this up with a huge 10-year warranty which effectively turns this into around £11.90 a year.


The EVGA SuperNova G5 850 is, without a doubt, one of the best all-round power supplies we have ever tested and, quite frankly, we can’t pretend to be shocked or surprised by this. EVGA has a long history of excellent power supplies and particularly though their ‘G-series’.

There is, quite honestly, nothing to criticize within our test results except perhaps the possibility that EVGA are understating some of the biggest strengths that this power supply has.

Practicality & Functionality

In terms of just how it looks, the EVGA SuperNova G5 has a solid and strong aesthetic. One that is backed by a design that quite simply looks built to last. Some may think that EVGA is taking a risk offering a 10-year guarantee with this power supply, but from what we can see, that risk is exceptionally minimal. It’s practically bullet-proof!

With its fan operation as well, if low noise levels are a key priority in your system design, this definitely is a contender for you!

Should I Buy One?

It may sound at this point that we’re in danger of waxing lyrical about the EVGA SuperNova G5 and if we are, it’s only because it really is that good!

In terms of a power supply, from the most basic to advanced consumer, this is practically perfect in terms of what it offers and, more importantly, delivers.

The EVGA SuperNova G5 is bulletproof in every regard you could potentially be critical of a power supply in and, if you were to ask me what power supply you should buy today, I’m pretty sure this would be high, if not top, of my list!

EVGA SuperNova G5 850w Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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