EVGA unveil new products at CES 2013

/ 5 years ago

Its day one of the main show at CES 2013 and we’ve taken a swing by EVGA’s suite in the Bellagio hotel to see what new products they have to offer for this year. Before we take a look as to what is completely new Jacob Freeman gave us a look at a set of additions to their power supply range. The two PSUs seen below in the middle offer up Platinum rated efficiency at either 1000W or 1200W and come with a single 12v rail on the rear a fan mode switch for selecting between silent and normal operation to reduce fan noise when at low load levels.

In addition to a selection of motherboard that EVGA have had in their range for a few months on those that we have seen before, we find a new X79 board that is essentially an updated version of their previous X79 offering. The X79 Dark offers 8 DIMM slots, doubling physical capacity over the previous boards, a better layout of PWMs and PCIe express lanes for greater efficiency. On top of this we also find six SATA III ports and four SATA II ports giving better flexibility when connecting drives. The board is due to start entering the retail channels within the next couple of months.

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Last of all and most notably when I had a look around, two cases were on display, meaning that EVGA are eager to move in a new market sector. On the outside, both cases on display are virtually the same, the only difference being colour, with both silver and black models on show. Both cases offer up a Mini-ITX format, which as we know is becoming more and more popular with a wide variety of users, but the difference we find comes on the inside. Whilst one case is built around a typical air cooled system, the other system comes with water cooling capability built right into the chassis. In the top we find a 240mm rad, with a reservoir built into the back of the case with a fill port and in the base below the drive bays a proprietary pump.

The case doesn’t come with any blocks due to the variety of fittings that are available for different models of cards and chips, but what we do find is an ultra slim 500W power supply included which we can see mounted mid-way through the case and also support for full length graphics cards.


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