EVGA unveil Z77 and Z75 motherboards

/ 5 years ago

EVGA have finally come to market with their Z77 and Z75 motherboards. Quite frankly we are surprised about the Z75 motherboard as we wondered if the Z75 chipset was ever going to arrive in retail motherboards. EVGA has announced a trio of motherboards, the Z77 FTW, the Z77 Stinger and the Z75 SLI.

The Z77 FTW motherboard has already a while ago for most countries, and it is EVGA’s flagship of the Intel 7 series chipset. It delivers 4 way SLI support, dual 8 pin CPU power connectors for enhanced power delivery, 300% more gold content in the CPU for a better connection and a right angled 24 pin motherboard header for better cable management.

The Z77 Stinger is EVGA’s hotly anticipated entry into the mini ITX market. It features support for all LGA 1155 processors with overclocking, as well as a single full PCI Express X16 lane at Gen 3 speeds to make a potent LAN gaming rig. USB 3.0 and SATA III support is also included.

The Z75 SLI is EVGA’s attempt at an affordable “bang-for-buck” motherboard. EVGA normally only goes for premium priced components and high quality products, but the Z75 chipset gives them a nice opportunity to save on costs. It features 2 way SLI support + PhysX as well as native USB 3.0 and SATA III. Overclocking is featured too on this Z75 SLI motherboard.

New and Key features introduced on the EVGA Z77/Z75 lineup:

● Engineered for Overclocking – Robust overclocking features and software. Designed by and for the extreme enthusiast!
● Onboard Features – Onboard Power, Reset, Clear CMOS and a Debug LED that shows CPU temperature and diagnostics!
● Robust Power – Dual 8pin CPU power inputs provide up to 300W for CPU power and two options for PCI-E power input.
● PCI-E Disable Switches – The ultimate tool for any enthusiast. This makes performance testing/tuning and troubleshooting a breeze.
● Native USB 3.0/SATA 6G Support – Native on select USB 3.0 and SATA 6G ports, no 3rd party IC needed. Improved performance and compatibility.
● Up to 4-Way SLI Support – Full support for the ultimate graphics card configuration.
● Lucid Virtu MVP Support – Lucid Virtu MVP support allows GPU Virtualization to utilize both integrated GPU and discreet
● Right Angled 24pin Power Connector – A right angled power connector gives you improved airflow, and optimized cable management. Also, it looks awesome!

Learn more about the EVGA Z77 and EVGA Z75 Motherboards

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