EVGA Unveils ACX Graphics Card Cooling Solution, Due May 23rd

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Nvidia have really stepped up their game recently with the GTX Titan and GTX 690 graphics card coolers, all of which feature high quality (and cost) materials such as magnesium alloys and vapor-chamber plates. If you believe any recent previews and leaks, you will also see that GTX 770 and GTX 780 are expected to use similar coolers to the GTX Titan and GTX 690. Yet these high cost materials make uncompetitive price points and add unnecessary costs which many Nvidia AIB partners feel are unnecessary.

EVGA believes that it can create a better looking, better performing and more cost effective solution with its ACX graphics card cooling solution. ACX is an abbreviation of Active Cooling Xtreme. From what the “Teaser Video” shows we can see it is based off a sleek looking design that features matte black, piano black and gold accents. In addition it uses a pair of probably 90mm, but possibly 80mm, fans that cool a dense aluminium heatsink under the external shroud

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EVGA didn’t give any details away so we can’t really tell you much more but they say the ACX is coming May the 23rd. Strangely enough May the 23rd is also when we expect to see the GTX 780 graphics card launched. No doubt this means EVGA will launch Nvidia’s new GTX 780 and GTX 770 graphics cards equipped with the new ACX cooler.

What are your thoughts on the ACX by EVGA?



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