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evnbetter RGB Lighting Kit Review – A Real Game Changer!


As you can see, I’ve got quite a bundle to play around with today. I have the larger kits, such as the #1.03 and #1.02 which come with their funky RGB controller. I also have the larger wide-bar kit, the xcd 3.03. Plus, they’ve been kind enough to throw in their xcd 1.02, xcd 1.03 and xcd 2.03 kits, which offer up extra strips and light bars of various sizes. So, we’re not short on RGB today then!

What’s great is that the back of each box details the exact specifications. Take the #1.03 for example. I can see it contains to flexible lightbars, they’re the wider design and 45cm long each. This comes with the multiCable setup to connect SATA and the RGB strips, as well as the LightControl unit.

The xcd 3.03 kit is just 2 x 60cm WideLine lightbars, nice and simple.

This is basically same as the big kit above, but with slimline45 light bars instead of the WideLines.

This one is 2 x 45cm light strips.

If you need more length they offer it with a pair of 60cm strips also.

Or two Slimline 60cm strips.

What’s in the Box?

Well, everything in the box is detailed above rather well actually. However, the packaging its self it really well thought out. As you can see, this one has the LightControl nicely displayed in the middle.

Below that, you’ll find two soft bags containing the light bars, and a small component box.

In the box, you’ll find the pre-wired controller, as well as a kit for fitting the lighting strip just about anywhere you desire. Everything else is packaged in a similar style.

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Peter Donnell

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