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evnbetter RGB Lighting Kit Review – A Real Game Changer!

A Closer Look

One of the first things that catches your eye on the big kits is that LightControl. It features a crystal clear top panel with four buttons on it. It’s hard-wired with a braided cable, and it’s designed to sit up on your desktop, not inside the PC case. This will allow you to control your RGB without software and with ease. Why is it clear? Why it’s RGB too of course!

Plus, it even has an additional 5v RGB header coming off the back, which can be used to their RGB products external to your PC case. That’s great if you want RGB behind your desk or monitor.

There’s a little grip coating on the base too.

Follow the controller to the other end, and you’ll find it breaks into a few extra cables. There’s a single SATA for power and two RGB headers. Again, these are perfect to add lighting strips and bars inside your PC case.

The Lighting Bars

These wide bars are enormous, but interesting only allow light to come out of this side edge as the rest is blocked off. That makes them more directional, but they’re also designed to be “dot free” and should diffuse the light to be more fluid looking.

They have RGB headers on each end, so you can chain them or connect them however you need.

The included kit has extra slipper cables, as well as large extension cables. There’s even a PCIe bracket with a notch to pass the cables externally with ease.

The mounting kit includes these lovely aluminium mounting wedges, which can be mounted with the included screws or adhesive pads.


The slimline kit unsurprisingly contains a slimmer design light bar. The WideLine are pretty chunky, and which is best for you really is subjective. However, they both come with a similar set of cables and mounting kit.

If you want it with the controller, you’ll want the #1.02, which is the same as the WideLine controller seen above, just again, slimmer light bars included.

These feel a lot more flexible, and will obviously more practical for smaller spaces and tighter bends.

Again, they feature that single side of light, despite having four sides.


Now we’re back to something more, traditional. These are simply addressable RGB light strips, the kind we’ve seen for a few years now.

They come on black strips, with all those lovely adhesive metal strips and magnets in there too, ensuring you can mount them however you please.

These are compatible with all of their other lightbars too, they all connect to the same 5v header designs and work with MysticLight AuraSync PolyChrome etc from other brands motherboards.

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Peter Donnell

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