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evnbetter RGB Lighting Kit Review – A Real Game Changer!

How Much Does it Cost?

Now this one is a bit tricky, as for the life of me I can’t find stock in the UK or US at the moment. We are in the Corona Virus lockdown though and it may purely be a stock issue. However, depending on which components you want, it can range from as little as 20 EUR for a light strip, up to about 50 EUR for the full-fat WideLine and controller setup. How much you need, the lengths, the number of lights, will all be unique to you and your budget though. I’ll update you as more prices and stock becomes available.


There’s a lot of RGB technology out there right now, so much so, that you wouldn’t think we needed any more. I thought the same way too, but I’m pleasantly surprised by evnbetter, and honestly, it’s one of my favourite lighting kits out there right now.

I have to admit, the Corsair is pretty much top of their game when it comes to PC lighting technology, albeit, they’re not cheap either. However, evnbetter has done something a little bit different with their desktop controller idea. It doesn’t need software, it doesn’t need silly drivers, and you don’t even have to tab out of a game to make a change. Just tap the controller on your desktop, and I love that.

Doing it Differently

Plus, their approach to design is really cool. The transparent and RGB lit controller looks fantastic and it’s really easy to use. Even little details like the braided cables go a long way.

The SlimLine and WideLine light bars offer unique ways to light your desk, PC case, monitor, even your walls. The inclusion of adhesive mounts and screws for walls/furniture helps with this a lot. Plus, they’re really bright and the colours are honestly something you have to see in person. They’re as vivid as any lightbar could hope to be and give you loads of cool colour combinations to play with too.


I like that you have so many options here, but my favourite one of all has to be noise activation. I thought I had turned them off until I spoke and it all lit up like an EQ. I couldn’t see a microphone, but I’m guessing it’s in the controller box. Then on top of that, there are seemingly hundreds of combinations just a button press away, and since they’re all fully addressable, you could pair them to your motherboards 5v header and customise it all that way too.

Should I Buy Them?

This much RGB isn’t to everyone’s taste. That being said, you don’t have to have it puking rainbows. For me, it’d be set to a purple/red constant light and left alone. What’s great is that their approach to lighting is a little more unique, and if that appeals to you, I think you’re really going to get a kick out of evnbetter lighting!

evnbetter RGB Lighting Kit Review – A Real Game Changer!

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Peter Donnell

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