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evnbetter RGB Lighting Kit Review – A Real Game Changer!

Tired of the same RGB lit fans in your PC case? Or perhaps your PC has no RGB at all! What if there’s no RGB around your desk, or behind your monitor, or on your freaking wall. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO! Well, if you have a massive RGB itch to scratch, then the newest player on the RGB block, evnbetter, are here to help. Yes, their brand name really is “evnbetter” and that’s not a typo.

Today, I’ll be taking a look at their new all-in-one lighting kits, as well as some of their expansion kits, that will ensure you can take your RGB game from 0 to 100 in a real hurry.

Plug ‘n Play!

So evnbetter have designed all this to just work right out of the box. While it can be paired to your existing RGB headers on your motherboards or controllers, they also have their own RGB controller. It’s basically an external remote, to which you can pair the xcd1, xcd2, and xcd3 lighting kits.

Products Featured

  • xcd1 – Baseline – Flexible RGB strips
  • xcd2 – Slimline – Glare-free light bar
  • xcd3 – Wideline – Extra-wide and bright lightbar

Check out the rest of the range at

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