Evolution of PlayStation, Sony Builds Up Hype For Next-Gen

/ 5 years ago


Sony have been running a juggernaut of a hype train this last two weeks and the internet is now at fever pitch as anticipation builds for the “the next big thing” presentation that will take place on 20th of this month in New York.


Their next gen console has already seen leaked specifications, images of their working model for the new controller and even pictures of the dev kit, of course none of this has been confirmed, Sony are staying super tight lipped about their work in progress, that is of course until the 20th of this month.


Over the last week, Sony have been teasing us every two days with a video that details the past and present of the PlayStation brand, starting with the PlayStation 1, 2 and last night the PlayStation 3, in what we can only assume means PlayStation 4 will follow in 48 hours, on the 20th.


Sony have booked a huge venue that holds a couple of thousand people, inviting the worlds top gaming and social press, as well as investors, developers and a few well known industry figures, what ever they announced, its going to be huge.


Sony have been working on their next-gen hardware for some time now, many developers have already spoken out about next-gen projects and lets not forget that Sony spend $380 million last year buying Gaikai, the cloud based game streaming service that is tipped to be used to Stream classic PlayStation games to a whole range of devices.

I’ll be sitting up late on Wednesday for the 11pm (GMT) showing of the Live Stream of the PlayStation presentation, because what ever they have to show, its going to be big.


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