Ex Valve Employees Augmented Tech “castAR” Heads to Kickstarter

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All aboard the VR tech train, best get on now or risk being left behind! Ok jokes aside, it does feel like everyone but myself is creating a VR tech these days, Oculus Rift might be the poster boy for the format at the moment, but there are already solution on the market that rival it, with many more on the way.

Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson were fired from Valve, and the castAR tech they were working on was put aside for a while. Now they’ve reached an agreement with Valve CEO Gabe Newell that allows them to continue the project full time, a deal where only the consumer can benefit as without this deal, it would never see the light of day.

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Instead of custom build goggles like Oculus Rift, this setup is a hybrid, you can clip it onto traditional glasses and it will project a hologram-like image in your field of vision. It then also combines features such as eye tracking to allow extra levels of interaction.

The Kickstarter is pretty fresh, but at time of writing it has already gained over half of its $400,000 target.

Thank you Gigaom for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

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