EX1 Printer Can Create Circuits On Paper, Cloth & More

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Printing of circuits isn’t something new, but being able to buy an off the shelf bit of retail hardware that can has long been the dream of many. The EX1 promises to do exactly that and just like your InkJet printer will plug in and print your documents, the EX1 will plug in and print circuits, allowing you to prototype like never before.

The Kickstarter campaign is already in full swing and many of the early offers have been snapped up by eager customers, now you’ll have to pledge at least $1,499 just to get one. Ok so that may not be especially cheap, but it is hardly unobtainable and if this thing proves as popular post release as it is pre-release, then prices will start to come down, much in the same way 3D printing is rapidly becoming more affordable.

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Using two special “inks” that lay down lines of silver nano particles the printer uses a flatbed design that will allow you to lay out your custom circuits on nearly anything from paper, wood, cloth and of course the more conventional PCB. All you have to do is import an image of a circuit into the special software, hit print and you’re ready to rock.

Thank you EX1 Kickstarter for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of EX1 Kickstarter.

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One Response to “EX1 Printer Can Create Circuits On Paper, Cloth & More”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    “hit print and you’re ready to rock”. Sounds great but in the real world things are never quite as simple.

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