Exceleram develops 8GB modules for just $50

/ 6 years ago

Exceleram has released 8GB RAM modules running at 1333MHz off 1.5V for the mainstream market coming in at a price of just $49.99. Essentially it makes 32GB of RAM on dual channel possible at reasonable prices for the first time. Populating all four slots on a standard compatible motherboard will cost $200 with the Exceleram modules whereas based on current prices it would cost around $400 to get that same amount with the G.Skill 1333MHz kit being the cheapest one on the market currently.

“[The] Target for us was to find a solution for our customers to obtain a new 8GB 1333MHz CL9 Memory Module with the price at only US$ 49.99. This price combined with the strong quality level as well as Exceleram always does, it’s a really tough target for us to reach. But now we have got the solution [with] the  E30200A Memory Module” said Exceleram’s product manager Steffen Eisenstein.

Source: Press Release


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  1. I can see the next thread will be. "32 GB on 64 bit." They should come out with 8 memory slot motherboards.

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