Exceleram introducing a 32GB quad-channel memory kit for Sandy Bridge-E

/ 6 years ago

Exceleram, German memory maker, have introduced their latest product, one of the few announced, a 32GB Quad-Channel Memory Kit which is obviously targeted at the upcoming Sandy Bridge-E platform.

With the upcoming processor featuring a four-channel memory control, companies have been going at it, trying to come out with the quad-channel memory kits. Exceleram, as stated previously, is among the first ones to announce their kit, composed of four 8GB DDR3 modules.

Unfortunately, the biggest down side is its speed, the modules only run at 1333NHz on a 9-9-9-24 timings and a DRAM voltage of 1.5V. We would have hoped for higher speeds, especially for the upcoming processors with better performances than any of the current ones.

No pricing and release date given yet, although with Sandy Bridge-E around the corner, it shouldn’t take long.


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