Exclusive: Photos of New NZXT Source 340 Chassis

/ 3 years ago

nzxt s340

NZXT have just revealed their latest chassis design that will become part of their popular Source range. The Source S340 comes fitted out with a durable steel construction and a sleek aesthetic that makes me think of it is a budget friendly H440.


The chassis is designed to be a solid all-rounder, ideal for a gaming rig as much as a general day-to-day rig for your office. It’s compact form factor is deceiving too, as it’s got plenty of room on the interior for a feature packed system build since NZXT have stripped out the optical bays, much like they did on the H440.


Cable management cut-outs, loads of cable tie loops and extensive space behind the motherboard give the chassis superior cable routing options for a chassis in this class. Cooling is also very capable, with 280mm radiator support in the front (such as the X61) and 120mm support in the back.


All the usual features are here too, USB 3.0 support, air filters on all major intakes and a PSU shroud. NZXT have gone heavy metal on this build too, using minimal plastic, 360 degress of steel casing and extra thick side panels, giving an overall very high quality feel to the chassis.

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The best part of the S340 is easily the price, clocking in at a very affordable 69.99 EUR, giving it great mass market appeal.

We were lucky enough to see this chassis a few weeks ago at Insomnia i52, but NZXT made me promise to not show anyone the pictures I took of it… well, until today of course! Sure the NZXT perfectly shot photographs look better, but we though you would like to see what this chassis looks like in the real world, not just in a pro shot studio. Thank you NZXT for letting us snap these pictures! For everyone else, expect a full review in the coming weeks.









Thank you NZXT for providing us with this information.

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2 Responses to “Exclusive: Photos of New NZXT Source 340 Chassis”
  1. Irshizzle says:

    looks nice, but I still prefer the look of my H440!

  2. Koyomi K says:

    nice, but I don’t like the very limited top mounting options.

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