Extreme Overclocking Colorfire HD 7870 XStorm graphics card spotted

/ 5 years ago

Colorfire, a subsidiary brand of Asia’s Colorful, has been working on a non reference HD 7870 graphics card designed for extreme overclocking. The card uses a mainly white colour scheme and 120mm fan which is complemented by a red ring around the outside.  The GPU cooler is reported to be using the latest welding technology between the heatpipes and heatsink which improves cooling performance.  By adding an additional PCB to the back of the card the phases can be increased from 8 to 12 phases.

The card has 2GB of memory, a 256 bit interface 1280 stream processors and will probably require a 6 and 8 pin. It is also expected that this card will come factory overclocked quite high. This card has been designed from the ground up to break world records for the HD 7870 GPU. Colorfire will announce more about this card in the near future. Pricing and availability is not known.

Source: My Drivers

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