EZVIZ Mini Plus Wireless Surveillance Camera Review

A Closer Look at the Camera and Accessories

It’s time to take a closer look at the EZVIZ Mini Plus. But before we can get to it, we’ll have to unbox it.

The Packaging and Accessories

EZVIZ packed the Mini Plus in a cute box with all relevant information printed on it. The front has a picture of the camera itself, which is very close to actual size. There’s also a basic description of what it is, a 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi camera. The specifications are listed on the rear of the box along with the requirements to use the compani0n software. The bottom has a bit of information too, but only a sticker with the product number, serial number, and model name.

Inside, there is a good set of manuals and notes. Along with a quick-start guide, you also get a user manual, a warranty notice, and a small business card with the support information.

While the notes and manuals are important, it’s the actual camera and accessories that we’re interested in. Along with the camera, you get a power supply, a USB cable, mounting screws, mounting plate, and adhesive pads.

The Mini Plus Surveillance Camera

We better have a look at the camera itself too. After all, it’s what it’s all about. The tiny camera features a lens on the front which takes up a huge part of the camera. Next to it are the two IR LEDs for nighttime vision.

Below that, you can spot two holes for the audio part and two-way communication. We can also spot the swivel base on this photo which allows you to place it in any direction. The video can also be vertically flipped for the event that it is mounted upside-down.

The rear side is almost fully covered by the product sticker. It isn’t large, but it’s also a mini camera that we’re dealing with. Still, it has all the relevant information from the model over a description, to power consumption. There’s also a QR code for the easy setup on your mobile phone. The same code is also found in the manual, just in case that it’s placed where you can’t reach with your mobile.

The base is magnetic for easy placement on metallic surfaces. It also has a rubber ring all around which helps with the prevention of scratches on your surface. It also gives it a firm stand when placed on a flat surface.

Connectors and Buttons

The one side of the camera has the memory card slot hidden under a cover. Right news to it is the reset button which you’ll need if you forget your details or generally just want to reinitialise it. There are also holes on both sides which help with the audio as well as offer air flow to the internal components.

The power connector is located at the bottom of the camera, in the stand. This allows for an easy cable routing without the risk of a power cable running over the lens.

The Power Supply

The included power supply delivers 1A over the 5V connector. If you got another USB outlet near which can provide the same, then you won’t need it. A lot of devices offer USB power these days, but many only offer 0.5A which would be too little. But it’s worth considering when you set up your EZVIZ Mini Plus.

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Bohs Hansen

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