Facebook Acquires ‘Onavo’ To Help Improve Web Efficiency

/ 4 years ago


Data is important, especially when it comes to mobile devices where users are often limited on how much they use per month, how fast they can download that data and of course how much that data costs to transmit. With mobiles these days capable or churning through gigabytes of data per month and consumer demand ever growing, it has never been so important to keep a tab on that usage.

Onavo have been helping consumers track data usage for years now, which is exactly why Facebook has just scooped up the Israeli startup in a bid to reduce their own data usage, something they hope will in turn make their apps faster and friendlier for consumers.

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Facebook plans to work with Onavo and the Internet.org coalition to improve the efficiency of web access, which should in turn also lower the cost.

Current Onavo and of course new Onavo app users will still get the same service as always as the brand name will continue, the only change here is that Facebook services should start reaping the rewards to more optimisations in the near future.

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