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Facebook Trials its Secret Message Service in Messenger

For generations the idea of sending a message and not being able to retract it is a scary one. From the day of the first texts, people have sent messages only to realise how badly they could differ from their intended intention. With the invention of social media and instant messaging the idea of typing out something and checking it before you click go (or enter in this case) is one far from your mind. One message sent and five more to ensure they didn’t misconceive your message could all end thanks to the secret message service currently being trialled.

The secret message service is designed as a trial in which a user can select a single device to use the service on. When this is done the messages are stored on the device rather than on an external system allowing you an extra level of privacy.

Facebook outlines both health and financial issues for the new feature. Imagine your at the bank and forgot your partners account number but need to transfer money, rather than opening store their bank details online for all both your phones could store the detail, avoiding it from being taken by prying eyes.

The messages can be flagged to disappear after a certain amount of time, deleted from both of your devices and preventing anyone from accessing those private moments you don’t want anyone else to share in.

The secret message system is only being trialled on a “limited basis” at the moment and doesn’t allow the sharing of videos or GIF’s but will include a reporting abuse feature, something that will delay the deletion of messages so that the company can investigate the claims.

Gareth Andrews

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